What to do if your Cartridges don’t Print as they Should

printing-problems.jpgFor ink cartridges to print as they are expected to print there needs to be no impediment to the flow of ink in the cartridges.

1) In order to ensure that ink can flow adequately through ink cartridges, make sure that there is no adhesive tape covering the air passage near the top of the cartridges (the air passage would have been covered by a yellow tape that says “pull”). Pulling that tab is supposed to expose a tiny air passage. Sometimes the plastic tab seal leaves some glue behind, so please ensure that the area is free of any glue or tape so that the cartridge can “breathe” through the air hole.

2) Take the cartridges out of the printer and try squeezing some ink out by putting a little pressure on the sides. Below you will find instructions on how this can be done. Please remember to do this over a paper towel or several paper towels.

– With the nozzle port facing down toward the paper towel, place your fingers on each side of the cartridge.

– Be sure to place your fingers on the sponge chamber side and not the ink chamber side.

– Gently squeeze until a drop or two pushes out the nozzle port.

– Repeat the last step 1 more time.

If ink comes out of the cartridges, that means that ink is flowing adequately through the cartridge and the issue is in the printer.

To troubleshoot the printer:

3) Place the cartridge in your printer, and on a plain sheet of paper, print a nozzle test page.

Please follow above 3 steps before reporting a problem, as the information yielded from doing the above steps will help us get to the bottom of what the issue is faster.

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