Properly Store Frosting Sheets to Avoid them from Drying Out

Frosting paper or frosting sheets should be properly stored and tightly sealed in a heavy zip-loc bag to avoid them from drying out. Keep out of direct light and remember not to refrigerate the frosting sheets. These sheets come with a shelf life of one year. When it comes to print with the frosting pages, plan ahead of time and then store them in a big, zip-loc bag. Everything has an expiration date, but just like anything else, frosting sheets can lose their taste, texture, and life with improper storage.

Frosting sheets are used to decorate cakes and other food items. Edible Images printed onto frosting sheets will have livelier and crisper lines than those printed on wafer paper. These sheets can also be used with fondant, royal icing, ice cream, chocolate and even on poured icings. But you must know how to store it so that you can enjoy beautifully decorated cakes made at home.  Store them as you would store any other canned food.

To use it, just remove from the icing or frosting sheet from the zip-loc bag after your image is ready on screen for printing. Remember to close up the bag to keep the sheets away from light, dust and dirt. After printing keep it for drying in the air for 5 to 15 minutes. If the frosting sheets seem too dry and brittle place a moist paper towel inside the Zip-Loc with them. Do not put the paper towel on the sheet. Then let it air-dry for a few minutes.

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