What is A Transfer Printer?


Over the past few years, as the invention of printers takes place, a lot of changes occur. From the traditional printer up to the digital printing method, devices are also innovated. The use of printers has been becoming the capital of the printing services industry. It is important to know the differences, purposes, and features of printers.

On this article, let us discuss one of the most innovated printers of all, the Transfer printer. Transfer printer is also known as the thermal-transfer printer. From the word itself, it uses heat to make the printing of the outputs possible.

Thermal-transfer printer is processed by heating the wax within the heads of a specialized printer. This uses materials such as print heads, carbon ribbons as ink, and the object that could

be paper and textile materials. With the use of specialized print heads and carbon inks, transfer printing can also produce variants of lively colors.

There are three variants of Transfer printer. The following are their differences and features:

1. Color Thermal Printer – can be used in producing high-quality print on items using wax- based ink. Colored images can be expected on the outputs of this printer.

2. Tektronix Solid-Ink Printer – uses solid-state ink blocks throughout the printing process. This is mainly developed by the Tektronix company.

3. ALPS MicroDry Printer – was developed in Japan. This uses colorful thermal ribbon cartridges that can produce colored images.

In addition to this, the transfer printer is popular in printing identification labels on things. Compared to other printers, Thermal-transfer printer can be used on different types of media. It totally produces durable and high-quality printing. It is, indeed, a must-have printer for every printing services business!

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What is A Transfer Printer?
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