All About Sublimation Printing

sublimation-printingEvery printer has their own similarities and differences. We all know that printers involve inks, cartridges, and printing stuff. But, little did we know that there is a unique way of printing that does not involve liquid. This process is called sublimation printing or also known as dye sublimation printing.


Sublimation printing started way back in 1957 in France. It was discovered with the observation of Noel de Plasse in regard to dyes that sublimate. The first ever sublimation printer machine was also developed in the United States where Wes Hoekstra led.


Unlike the other printers, sublimation printing is a method of transferring images on the surface of things. Without using any liquid inks, it may seem impossible but it is possible with sublimation printing method.

Sublimation printing can use sublimation toners to make the process easier. Plus, to make the outputs realistic, the images will be heated up while it was put on the surface of the object after the sublimation toner is placed.


Sublimation printing has its own uniqueness when it is compared to other printers. The following are some of the benefits of using the sublimation printing process.

  • Any Materials – Unlike with other printing, sublimation printing is applicable with items that are made of polyester and nylon.
  • Fast Process – Since the sublimation printing involves a very efficient and creative process, the fast process can be expected from it.
  • Lively Colors – Like the other printer, sublimation printers can produce lively colors. It is not only limited to black and white.


Sublimation printing is very efficient and innovated. With the unique process, outputs can have high-quality and best results.

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All About Sublimation Printing
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