Inkjet Printer and its Components – Working Principles of inkjet Printer

inkjet-printer-parts.jpgPrinter is an electronic device which is basically used for printing documents at offices, homes, schools, and many other places. In modern world we have some certain type of printers in market which are very popular and in public demand, like Laser printer, Inkjet, Dot matrix, 3D and Bubble jet Printer. These all printer types are used for many different printing purposes.  3D printer in use for creating 3D objects, Dot Matrix printer is used in ATM machine, shopping mall and many other places, laser printer is used in big business house where they required print more, inkjet is an common printing machine and its uses are very vast. Inkjet printer is very commonly discoverable machine at homes, office, schools and many other places.

Till now we have learned about, what is printer, how many types and its uses? Now we light on how an Inkjet Printer works.

Inkjet printers hold many parts and its structure is very nit and cleans than a laser printer. Its important components of inkjet printer and their work profile.

A. Edge guide-: It helps to keep paper straight. There is a little adjustment in the left edge guide roller so that it fits to width of paper.

B. Sheet feeder-: It helps to feed paper in printer automatically.

C. Paper support-: it gives supports to the paper to load in sheet feeder parts.

D. Feeder guard-:  Feeder guard prevents objects placed on the document cover from falling inside the printer while opening the docs cover.

E. Document cover-: Open and close when you place a photo or document.

F. Output tray-: Output tray collect and receive all printed paper.

G. Output tray extension-: Supports while the paper ejected.

H. Scanner unit-: Helps to take photo copy.

All above parts are just paper feed mechanism and control circuits.  There are few others important parts of an inkjet printer, which make it, print successfully and deliver your desired outputs.

1. Print Head -:    This is the back bone of an inkjet printer, the print head have sets of nozzles, and these nozzles are used to spray drops of ink from cartridges.

2. Ink cartridges -: This component is always Depending on the maker and model number of any printer, the inkjet cartridges of few inkjet printers contain print head in itself. These cartridges come with many ink combinations which can be used as per printing documents and its colors.

These are also considering as important parts of inkjet printer Print head stepper motor, Belt, stabilizer bar.

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