How to Make Ink Cartridges Work After They’re Not Used for A Long Time

	genuine_brother_inkjet_cartridgesYou may have a lot of extra Brother inkjet cartridges for your Brother inkjet printer which you’ve bought impulsively a long time ago. However, since they’re long since stored, the ink has already dried up. It might have happened because you weren’t able to place the cartridges in a cool room or maybe they were also stuck inside the printer that you haven’t used for quite a while.

If you are struggling to find ways to make your Brother inkjet cartridges usable again, then these tips might help you:

Wet Paper Towel Method

Workers in the refill ink station swear by the method of using a wet paper towel to bring the inks back to life again. Just lightly pat the cartridge head until you see the ink on your towel.

That is a good indication that the ink cartridge can be used.

Warm Water Method

By submerging the cartridge in warm water, it can help the dried up ink to flow again. If you have been using an odd-shaped cartridge, like the Brother inkjet cartridges, for example, you can notice that they have a unique shape than the other brands. This means that you should handle them carefully when doing this method.

To do this, simply put the lower part of the cartridge in the warm water for a couple of minutes until that part becomes warm to the touch. Afterward, dry it completely and let it cool down before placing on your printer again. If the ink cartridge is still not working, you can do the method all over again.

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