Safety Tips to Follow When Using Printers

Printers are normally an easy device to maintain. You can actually see a plethora of guides on the internet about how to handle your printers the right way. However, it is unavoidable that it may encounter problems that are not easy to fix.

In this article, we’re going to discuss various safety tips to let you know how to properly take care of your printer to avoid device issues in the future.

Your printer needs to be placed on an even surface to avoid shaking when used. Placing it on a base that is not strong enough to hold the device might cause the printer to fall when unsupervised.

Keep yourself at a reasonable distance from the printer when it is being used, especially if you have long hair. The rubber rollers used inside to feed papers in can pull your jewelry and hair if not careful.

If possible, use only genuine inks for your printer. For example, if you have a Canon inkjet printer, then you have to use appropriate Canon inkjet cartridges. Canon inkjet cartridges are known to produce brilliant prints, and using a different cartridge can only cause problems especially when it comes to compatibility.

Always make sure to check the outlet that you are using if it is compatible with the printer. Not doing so can lead to serious issues. Avoid unplugging it directly without using the power button to turn it off.

Do not change Canon inkjet cartridges for your Canon printer with your bare hands. Use gloves instead to prevent staining your clothes and skin. Also, store your unused ink cartridges in room temperature to prevent the inks from drying out.

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